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In the travel industry, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) are used to facilitate travel agents in selling services such as airline tickets, hotel and car rentals. These systems allow travel agents to access tickets and services from multiple airlines, hotels and car rental companies on a single platform. GDS systems make it easier and faster for travel agents to sell tickets and services. Agents can access a list of tickets and services available for purchase and their prices on the system. Additionally, GDS systems allow agents to save customer travel history and preferences, enabling them to offer more personalized deals to their customers. GDS systems also allow travel agents to manage and cancel customer reservations. Agents can track customer reservations on the system and cancel them when necessary. Lastly, GDS systems allow travel agents to reach a wider audience. Agents can offer the services they purchase on the system to customers worldwide, thereby expanding their potential customer base. In conclusion, GDS systems facilitate travel agents in selling tickets and services, managing customer reservations, and reaching a wider audience. Therefore, GDS systems have an important place in the travel industry as they are widely used by travel agents as a valuable tool.